GUHEMA metal compass sawblades, manufactured to deliver the best cutting performance, suitable for all standard compressed air, hydraulic and electric compass saw machines. We also manufacture special dimensions according to our customer's requirements in addition to our standard products.

Materials, qualities and application areas

Our pursuit of the perfect sawing quality already begins with the selection of our starting materials, as these form the starting point for our top of the line products – materials that are not classified as "very good" do not pass our incoming goods inspection.

At GUHEMA, first-rate raw materials form the basis for a precise, quick and economic sawing process with

  • long downtimes and short cutting times
  • a long tool life
  • optimal protection for your sawing machine

We offer matching qualities for various application areas

M2 Grade (Material No. 1.3343)
For materials up to a tensile strength of 1100 N/mm2
GUHEMA Brillant
M35 Grade (Material No. 1.3243)
For extremely hard materials up to 1300 N/mm2 such as austenitic steels and steels with a high chromium-nickel content
GUHEMA Bi-lastic
M2 Cutting Grade (Material No. 1.3343) on a special steel back
For materials up to a tensile strength of 1100 N/mm2

Choosing the right tooth form

Only the correct tooth form provides our GUHEMA power hacksaw blades with the perfect bite. We offer:

Normal Teeth

For universal, general-purpose usage

Positive Teeth

That cut austenitic, tough steels

Variable Positive Teeth

GUHEMA FUTURE that leaves no wish unfulfilled as far as a power hacksaw blade is concerned


GUHEMA Brillant
EMo 5 Co 5 / 1.3243 - M35 ISE Details

GUHEMA Bi-lastic
Teeth made of DMo 5 / 1.3343 - M2 ISF Details